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Free Coins Bonus

CS:GO sites will use a lot of different techniques to get players to use their websites. Some sites will use sponsorships, by paying high profile YouTubers or streamers to visit their site and play games. Other sites will give their players a free coin bonus, which is what we’re going to be taking a look at today.

Your Guide: Making the Most Out of a Free Coins Bonus

Claiming free coins at a CS:GO skin gambling site is something we recommend every one of our readers do. There are some great advantages to claiming a free coins, and it’s not just about having fun!

Some gambling games like crash gambling, have a chance of paying out some huge winnings. This doesn’t happen very often and it’s impossible to know when, but – if you’re lucky, you could turn your free coins into a huge amount of cash by betting on crash games.

Another game that’s worth playing for free coins is jackpot. Games of CS:GO jackpot have a very small entry fee that gives you a percentage chance, based on your bet size, to win the entire pot. With a bit of chance, this could also prove profitable, so keep an eye open for jackpot sites offering free coins. Make sure you check the terms and conditions, as some sites have a minimum bet to play jackpot, which means you might want to try another method.

Use Your Free Coins to Win a Bonus Pot

Many sites offering roulette games will also provide their players with a roulette bonus pot. The pot grows each round, as more players bet, a percentage of bets are allocated to the roulette pot. Once the conditions are met, for example – on CSGORoll’s bonus pot, when their game of roulette lands on green 3x – players who have entered any of the 3 rounds will qualify to win a percentage of the bonus.

Bonus pot

Nowadays a lot of CSGO gambling sites even offer real money slots to play. CSGO slots can have progressive jackpots, which similarly to the roulette bonus pot, also grows as more people play. To be in with a chance of winning a slot jackpot, you are often required to make the max bet amount on the spin. The biggest jackpot ever won was €17,861,800 on NetEnt’s Mega Fortune, from just a $0.25 bet!

Free Coins From Referrals

When you join a CSGO betting site, check to see whether the site has a referral section. If so, many sites will allow you to create your own referral codes and send them out to your friends. Each time your friends deposit, or even gamble at CSGOEmpire, if the user used your code – you’ll be paid as they play. This doesn’t equate to very much, so you might need to refer a lot of players, or have a rich friend who likes to bet big.

Referral Free Coins


Most of the CS:GO gambling sites out there intentionally give new players a small amount of free coins. This is because they typically don’t want to lose money, by giving you a large bonus that you then turn into even more money. Because of this, it’s advised to be careful with your free coins and if you really want to turn them into some real cash, try following some of the tips above.

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